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Valencia Emblematic


Our tour “EMBLEMATIC VALENCIA” takes you to places and monuments downtown not so well known, and less crowded than the top sights that we see in the morning.

Of course, this monuments are equally important for the history of our city. Some of them certainly popular, as the Torres de Serranos or the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, but also some lesser known as the oldest church in Valencia or the first Valencian University.

Legends and curiosities await us on this tour offered every evening.

If you joined the tour VALENCIA ESSENTIALS and you want more, this tour is the perfect complement!

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Valencia Emblematic

what we see

How to find us

Remember looking for the orange umbrella when you arrive to PLAZA DE LA VIRGEN

Borgia palace

Gothic palace that has homed for influential families as well as important institutions

Riverbed of river Turia

The riverbed that once held the waters of the Turia, today is the most important garden of the city.


Old warehouse of grain of XV century, next to the exquisite square of San Luis Beltrán

Church of the San Juan del Hospital

The oldest church in Valencia. We will visit its interior and get to know its history

Knights Hospitallers

One of the orders that accompanied Jaime I of Aragon in its conquest of the city in century XIII

Walking around Valencia

We will pass by the points of the city little traveled by the tourists but well known by any Valencian

Paz street

A street that represents the modernity, the new urbanism and the boom of the bourgeoisie of a hundred years ago

La Nau

Here was founded and located the first University of Valencia, center of knowledge and culture

Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas

Impressive palace whose façade stands out for its ornamental richness

National Museum of Ceramics

Its famous sculptured doorway in rococo style will be the final touch to our visit

Ayuntamiento (City Hall)

The main square of the city, where we find the City Hall, is especially relevant because of the main role it plays during Las Fallas