Oceanographic Aquarium

Oceanographic Aquarium

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Oceanographic Aquarium

what we see

The Arctic and the Antarctic, each at one pole of the planet, are separated by more than 15,000 kilometers. Imagine what it is like to pass from one to another walking a few meters through tunnels and gates. This is an example of what the Oceanographic offers us.

valencia oceanographic tour

valencia oceanographic tour - The Oceanografic of Valencia is the largest marine park in Europe, and a full visit lasts for at least 3 hours. The main marine ecosystems of the planet are represented in this aquarium, and at each one of the spaces we find curious species. All of them welcome us and help us to understand the functioning of marine life.

Discover the Oceanographic with FREE TOUR VALENCIA

With our official guides you will make the most of time of your visit to the Oceanographic. You will meet the famous belugas and also you will cross tunnels totally surrounded by sharks. Later you will learn to differ a sea lion of a seal and enjoy a spectacle with dolphins. But above all, you will know the Important work of protection, research and recovery carried out by Valencia's Oceanografic.


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